Steal The 5 Strategies We Use to Retain 93% of Members Every Month
(oh and by the way, the industry average is more like 80%!)
Here's what you'll get for FREE:
  • Strategy #1: Show Up - Weirdly enough this strategy is often overlooked, however it has probably the biggest impact when it comes to keeping your members.
  • Strategy #2: Spot The Stars - This strategy is about leveraging your community and it's also extremely easy to do right from the start.
  • Strategy #3: The 4 Pillars - This one took us a while to figure out, however when we started using it we quickly saw a dramatic increase in retention.
  • Strategy #4: The Weekly Digest - I don't know why more membership site owners don't do this, but I can tell you it's one of those easy to execute strategies.
  • Strategy #5: Meetups & Groups - This last one ties all the previous ones together and forms an even stronger sense of community.

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